Plastering Over Artex

Ah…Artex. A trend for DIYers allowing a textured fetish overused (understatement of the century) by the masses in the 1970s. The issue here is, with sleeker, cleaner interior finishes now being the mainstay and Artex having somewhat of a poor reputation, this time warp centrepiece is being covered up

Here is a run through of how we do it, what you have to be careful of and average costs of getting that asbestos covered up for good!

Stipple effect Artex

Stipple effect Artex

Is Removing Artex Safe?

It isn’t the Artex, its the asbestos in the Artex which causes the problems. Prior to the asbestos ban in 1999, thousands of homes with Artex ceilings likely contained asbestos. Therefore if we’re going to jump straight into it (see below) and scrape a load off - we might run the risk of inhaling a load of asbestos.

No Thank You…

Any Artex therefore applied before this ban should be tested for asbestos, or suitable PPE should be worn so that the asbestos cannot be inhaled.

How Do I Remove Artex?

If you have a look at your ceiling, you will have noticed that it is textured. This might be swirls or stipples or anything in between. To prepare the ceiling so the Artex can be skimmed over, we scrape off as much of the high points of the Artex as possible, to prevent it from showing through in the finished ceiling.

How Do I Prepare an Artex Ceiling for Skimming?

Once the high points have been removed, we use FebBond Blue Grit. This provides the best possible key for the new plaster to adhere to. This is applied after the high points have been removed and left overnight to cure.

How Do I Overskim an Artex Ceiling?

Once (and only once) all the prep work has been carried out, a 1st coat is plastered onto the ceiling. The ceiling is flattened and levelled. Once cured sufficiently - we will then apply a 2nd coat at around 2mm. All low points will be filled. If there is evidence of high points left, a tight third coat will be applied.

Then What?

Enjoy your 21st century room. The cobwebs have been blown away and you are left with a beautiful fresh ceiling that instantly modernises your room. Leave your fresh plaster for a minimum of 3 days or until completely cured before applying a mist cost and decorating.

Do you need your Artex removed? Get in touch and we can sort it all out for you!